About Me

Caroline is a management psychologist and working mom who builds connections with clients to unleash the capabilities of an individual or a company’s workforce. She is a champion for positive organizations and neuroscience and fundamentally believes that to achieve excellence, first you focus on what’s working. Her entrepreneurial approach draws upon insights from traditional and non traditional sources of inspiration.

She has broad experience in the areas of executive assessment, coaching, and talent management. She designs and leads programs to activate teams and employees, streamline an organization’s effectiveness, and support positive culture change. She is experienced in aligning and maximizing talent around key business imperatives, and strengthening the effectiveness of executive teams.

Caroline has her Doctoral degree in Psychology and began her career as a management consultant for the RHR International Company and has subsequently held internal roles. She has worked globally with clients in financial services, consumer products, healthcare, energy, professional services, and information technology. At work, Caroline is energized when identifying people related solutions to business challenges.

At play, Caroline can be found adventuring through life- whether through travel and discovery in the outside word, or through introspection and time sharing the wonders of nature with her family.